​"Fashion is nothing without people."



Prolific Klothing
The message behind Prolific Klothing are creativity, hard work, and success. For one to be prolific, a person must work hard to gain the successful results he or she desires.  This unique clothing line is the brand with no face and geared towards those that are dedicated hardworking craftsman, who takes what ever it is they do to heart and produce prolific results.
The Dreamers and Believers
Surfsup's clothing venture Dreamers and Believers was given birth by national recording artist SkoolBoy Surfsup. Rather than SB placing all of his eggs into one basket, he decided to turn his personal words of wisdom into a clothing brand. "Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe."
Distinct Existence
Distinct Existence is owned by two long term friends, Delicia Roberson and Angela Uhegwu. D.E specialize in producing formal accessories distinctly designed to compliment formal attire. They believe that a way of expression is through the art of fashion. Distinct Existence's goal is to bridge the gap between professionalism and personality by producing products that display an individuals choice of style but stay within the rim of professionalism, in addition to challenging every social norm of fashion for both men and women.

Charisma Fashion
Style Comes from Within presents its very own clothing brand Charisma Fashion. Charisma has a spiritual gift that inspires devotion within others alongside, uplifting the spirits of the people while maintaining nothing but positive vibes in the atmosphere. This fashion brand is the official spin off from the S.C.f.W marketing brand, that visually represents how our style of fashion comes from within ourselves. 
pretty girl, Smarter Woman
Founded by first cousins, Brandi and Kenya, pretty girl, Smarter Woman, was created for the everyday black millenial woman who is obsessed with her career and shattering the glass ceiling. She's the ultimate career girl. She's always chasing success in her professional and personal life. She balances her career, her dreams, and her hustle but makes it all look effortless. Their mission is to empower, educate, and inspire millennial women.
​Get Fly Revolution
Get Fly Revolution, also know as G.F.R, is a high end street luxury brand owned by Mark and Andre. G.F.R.'s bottom line goal is to be different and create merchandise for people who share the same feelings. Their  mission is to become a dominant international clothing line moving forward in the 21st century by spreading their vision to all parts of the world. 
Honey Gold
Music artist CaLa The Phropet has shown up and shown out with the stylish inspirational apparel that reminds us to never stop pushing towards our dreams. Patience plus Faith plus Endurance equals Honey Gold. Those three keys to success are necessary for a person to have when molding their mindset into a honey gold mindset. 
Black London Vintage
Kendall "The Gentleman" Riggs has created vintage influenced fabrications for the modern man and contemporary woman seeking to make a unique and solitary style statement. Black London is a young, innovative collection designed for those with a trend-transcendent outlook, and prefer avant-grade desgin to fashion fads. The brands fashion forward styling, fabrics, and advanced fit technology have resulted in rapid brand recognition, and local retail success.​​

Gold Dynasty
Gold Dynasty is a brand created by Cruze and Ryan Cole with the vision of bringing urban culture and high fashiom clothing together as one. In addition to creating high fashion fabrics that can make the everyday man or woman feel good about themselves, they have raised the bar and created youth apparel as well. Nonetheless, their overall goal is to soon be mentioned with the top brands, social media blogs, and be known for the most unique fashion shows known to man.
Just B.U.T.T.E.R
Just Butter is a street luxury brand owned by Corey Carter Jr. His purpose behind his brand is to be unique while transforming trends into eternal riches. During Corey's interview, he mentioned to me that progress requires patience and consistency and at this stage of his career he is focused on networking with people and building a brand behind the sences until he feels like his team is prepared for take off.
Inner G World Wide
Inner G World Wide was founded by three brothers coming together with the odds against them facing life's triumphs striving to overcome what's in front of them. Reminding everyone to keep it G! Embrace that inner flow or inner God to rise above all odds we lived it. Inner G is a brand about self discovery of the G. Reemphasizing the importance of keeping your integrity while preserving through adversity.
MileStone Customz
  ​MileStone Customz is a company that provides distinct expression through the customization of sneakers. MileStone Customz allows people to put their own touch on their sneakers to visually show their style. Moe Meeks feels it was only right to start a company that customizes sneakers dedicated to millennials and the youth, because so many young individuals are still trying to find themselves.   ​​