"Lean into the DREAM."
OK Series

Presented by
​Larry Allen & 41TV

A Short film about mental health with the Black Man & the vice of self -medication.

/Kəˈrizmə/ on the Hill
A Crooked Straight Media Production
/Kəˈrizmə/ on the Hill is talk show hosted by Alexa and Taylor Janai. This show features young creatives on the rise to stardom who attend Prairie View A & M University, "THE HILL." Episodes are set to be released in April 2018 so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Food for Thought

"Pay attention to whom your energy increases and decreases around. That’s the universe giving you a hint of who you should embrace and who you should keep away from."

Chikki Kush
Baton Rouge native, Chikki Kush left a simple message behind his brand that lets his supporters know to "Live Easy, Accomplish Easy." In this day in time many people are straying away from making things easier for them selves. There's a perception on the term easy that numerous individuals have. Unfortunately the human race feels as though if things come easy they prefer not to have it without realizing everything in life was not meant to be hard. 
Neo S O H L
​​Austin native, Dre Wattz is a rising music artist and fashion designer. His brand S O H L, stands for conquering all achievements with persistency to overcome all obstacles. Every day he wears his brand to constantly remind himself and others that they can accomplish any and everything they set their mind to.

Blak Kanvas
Blak Kanvas, constructed by Suni Mullen, is an artist company that encompasses many mediums within visual and performing arts. Specializing in live contemporary and abstract paintings, Blak Kanvas aids in the chaotic solemn of abstract expressions and at times detailed minimalism. ​​

Snapping Everything into Existence
Snapping Everything into Existence was brought to light by photographer and videographer Ahmad Jordan. Ahmad lives by the words "Speaking Everything into Existence," which means anything he speaks, he will achieve just because he said it. Just a year ago, the spin off phrase from "Speaking Everything into Existence," "Snapping Everything into Existence" was placed before him by his creative mind and ever since then his visions and thoughts have been playing the role of the lens to a camera.

SB Surfsup
​​Memphis' national recording artist SB Surfsup, also known as SkoolBoy has worked with mainstream artist from Future to Young Dolph. His new project "Kickin My Flav" is set to release June 2017. Apart from recording smash hits like I Wanna Be Her Man, Money May and Effen Vodka, he was the street team leader for ​​Yo Gotti.  
Music is viewed as an expression to Giles Prather. He feels more than a sound when performing to an audience, in addition to connecting people on more than a physical level. As he grows as an artist he intends to contribute his gift to R & B as a whole.

Gloria Prince
Small town girl with big dreams, Gloria Prince is set and ready to take her musical career to the professional level. After performing multiple excellent shows during the "All-Star" weekend in Houston, Texas and "SXSW" in Austin, Texas, Glo has proven all of her doubters wrong, including herself, that she is indeed a superstar. With all odds against her, coming from such a little city, she is projected to loose by nature, but because she is built with the strenght of a lion, she will win every battle put beforth her.
Life Starts Now Productions
​​Life Starts Now Productions was founded by writer Tezya Jackson. After realizing there was not many avenues for authentic content for people of color including women, she proceeded to create her very own production company.

CaLa The Prophet
Honey Gold clothing line's CEO, CaLa The Prophet, is up next in taking over the west coast with not only fashion but with music as well. Four mixtapes later CaLa has never let his dark side stop him from shining. Through the midst of the madness, and doubt against him he has remained focus on the vision. It Gets Greater Later!
New Wave Photography
Photography is viewed as an art that allows people to visualize details and life from another perspective to Amia Mayo. Photography is more than a hobby, devotion, or just something to occupy her time, it is a craft that she fell in love with. 
Flexico Jonez
Blending elements of R & B and Hip-Hop, Ryan Cole brings a diverse yet trendsetting sound to the music world. His unique melody is to specifically soothe and meditate the woman's mind, body, and soul, in addition to illustrating his personality through storytelling.
BrayP Visuals
BrayP Visuals was given breath, once Braylon Pearson picked up a camera and began to capture the finer aspects of nature, people and most improtantly emotions that are visually seen within each click of his camera.

​​Vision "The Movement" originated once London Wallace decided to take his artistry to the next level. He decided to take a route in creating a team that will help other producers and musicians push one another to reach the peak of their music career.

41TV has been brought to surface by Justice Igunbor, a very artistic graphic designer. Nevertheless, he is also an outstanding dancer who brings his imaginative thinking to life in every short film he creates.

​​Tampa native, Frank Carter, began making music a little less than two years ago. It all started with a freestyle for fun that turned into a record, that is now a project titled FTMFT.  His freshly released mixtape consist of 16 tracks that gives that full background of exactly who FrankTheTank is, including his life experiences and hopes for the future.



Daric Cottingham (ODtheMC) is a young college blogger/vlogger with high interest in becoming in the arts, with ambitions to be "the male Oprah of my generation." He has an eye fro style and believes everyone should express their own uniqueness in their fashion choice.​